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Pumpkin Club Piano Academy was founded in New Jersey 20 years ago, and is currently based in Metro Atlanta and Tokyo where children enjoy learning the music and playing the piano.

If you look at a group of pumpkins closely, you will find that none of the pumpkins are ever the same. They come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes and colors... similar to our children! That is why we named our academy "Pumpkin Club". It is this difference that makes them special. At the Pumpkin Club, they can all learn piano and enjoy themselves.

Our goal is for all our students to grow up knowing that expressing themselves through music is the greatest pleasure. We also hope that each student will have an open mind and will have a great future in music or whatever else he/she will do as an adult.

It is so wonderful for us here at the Pumpkin Club Academy to observe that our students are able to complete a song and exclaim, “I did it!,” after practicing very hard.

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