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吉村 良子 先生
Ms. Yoshiko Yoshimura


4歳より母の手ほどきでピアノを習い始め、坂井玲子、川崎隆、井口基成、柳川守に師事。武蔵野音楽大学ピアノ科卒後、ノースウエスタン大学大学院ピアノ科にて、Momberts Gi やJorge Bolet 各師に師事。オーディションに多数入選、ラビニアパークサマーミュージックフェスティバル参加、日本とアメリカでリサイタルを開催。 子供の音楽を考える会、日本ピアノ指導者協会、全米音楽教師協会、ジョージア州音楽教師協会、全米音楽連合クラブの会員。オーディション委員10年歴任。指導経験35年。

Ms. Yoshimura started piano when she was 4 years old. First taught by her mother, she furthered her studies under Ms. Reiko Sakai, Mr. Takashi Kawasaki, Mr. Motonari Iguchi and Mr. Mamoru Yanagawa. After graduating from the Musashino Music Collage (BA), she continued her studies under Monberts Gi and Jorge Bolet at Northwestern University (MA). She received awards from various auditions she performed in at the time and even participated in the Ravinia Park Summer Music Festival. She also held numerous recitals in both the US and Japan.

Ms. Yoshimura is a member of "Thinking About Children's Music Together", Japan Piano Teachers' Association, Music Teachers National Association, Georgia Music Teachers Association, and North Fulton Music Teachers Association. She was appointed to be the Audition Chairman for 10 years in the North Fulton sector.

Ms. Yoshimura has over 35 years of experience in teaching piano.

ド サド 先生
Mr. Sado Kim

Assistant Teacher


Mr. Sado Kim is a graduate of the Pumpkin Club. He studied piano under Ms. Yoshimura for 10 years.

He graduated Georgia Institute of Technology, and was minoring in Composition at their music school.


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