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Pumpkin Club Piano Academy Payment Term and Policies


  • Monthly tuition for lessons by Ms. Yoshiko Yooshimura (Principal) are 30 min - $140, 45 min - $180, 60 min - $220; by Ms. Tomoko Kase (Assistant Teacher) are 30 min - $100, 45 min - $140, 60 min - $180; by Mr. Sado Do (Assistant Teacher) are 30 min - $96 , 45 min - $136, 60 min - $176.
  • A material fee of $2 per month will be collected with monthly tuition.
  • Tuition is due the first week of each month.
  • We accept personal check or money order payable to Pumpkin Club Piano Academy. Returned check fee is $35 and the tuition and fee for that month must be paid by money order.
  • A 5% finance charge will be collected when payment is received on or after 14th of the month.
  • There is a one-time, non-refundable $80 registration fee for new students.
  • Tuition are set by the academy and are not negotiable. Please refrain from haggling.
  • Monthly tuition fees are based on four lessons regardless of the number of weeks in the month. If an extra lesson is provided in the fifth week in the month, it will be retained as a credit for a later month.
  • Winter Holiday Recital in December and Summer Recital in May counts as one lesson respectively.
  • Students who participate in Federation Music Festival and the Local and State Auditions must pay an additional fee.
  • Summer Session (June - August) fees are based on actual lessons in month.
  • Lessons not given during holidays or due to teacher’s absences are compensated for by those months having five weeks.
  • Fees for special lessons for audition appearance etc. are determined on per minute basis.


  • The Academy may schedule special lessons by Ms. Yoshiko Yoshimura periodically (roughly twice a year).
  • The special lessons are intended for all students as a general rule.
  • Fees for the special lesson will be collected with the regular tuition.
  • There will be no regular class in the week of special lesson and the tuition for the month will be discounted by 25%.
  • Extra lesson can be requested prior to Ms. Yoshimura’s arrival via e-mail.
  • Regular or nonregular online Skype lessons by Ms. Yoshimura are available. Please send a request via e-mail.
  • Send all requests to info@pumpkinclubpiano.com.


  • Tuition is on a monthly basis, not per lesson; therefore, there are no deductions for absences.
  • Make-up lessons are given only in the event of teacher’s absences.
  • For all other rescheduling, it is the responsibility of the student to exchange lessons times with another student or forfeit the lesson.


A teacher can only help students play, and it is up to each student to learn. Accordingly, it is recommended that all students practice a minimum of their normal lesson time length every day.


It is the responsibility of students to purchase music books. A copy cannot be used in the studio. When supplemental texts are required, a small fee will be charged to cover expenses.


  • Summer session program will be available. Please send a request to info@pumpkinclubpiano.com.
  • Summer is the best time for students to practice. Piano practice should be continued without interruption throughout the year.


  • All students are expected to perform at the Summer Recital and the Winter Holiday Recital.
  • A small fee is collected to cover the recital expenses before each recital. This fee is used to cover the rental fee of the recital hall, trophies, flowers, snacks, photos, and programs. This same fee will also cover the expenses for the Winter Holiday recital.


  • Music Teachers Association holds an audition for 4th - 12th graders every spring. County winners move on to the Music Teachers Association’s Georgia State Audition.
  • Another good opportunity for participation is the Junior Festival by the National Federation of Music Clubs (North Fulton). This is intended to provide encouragements for students’ musical developments. Entrants do not compete against each other, but are rated on individual merits. A week before the Festival, a pre-Festival group lesson will be provided. This lesson will count as one lesson.
  • If you are interested in participating, in either program please indicate it on this registration form.
  • There will be an application fee for both programs that must be paid to the Music Teachers Association in order to join.
  • The teacher will discuss with the students and their parents concerning the repertoire and achievable goals.
  • Students must have an approval from Pumpkin Club Piano Academy in order to participate in auditions.


  • One month advance notice is required to leave Pumpkin Club Piano Academy.
  • The Academy reserves the right to terminate a student, when a student displays disruptive behavior or is repeatedly unprepared for lessons.


  • Please remember that the studio is operating in a private home located in a sub-division. For your own safety, please observe the following rules:
  • Please be on time. We will not bear any responsibility for the time lost due to tardiness.
  • Pumpkin Piano Academy assumes no responsibility for children who are waiting for or being picked up after lessons.
  • Please drive slowly and do not block traffic.
  • Do not block the studio’s or the neighbors’ driveways.

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